Lucy Straw Bag
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Lucy Straw Bag

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Our reusable straw bags are made from the same waterproof fabric as our Wet Bags and Pods, so it offers the same water resistant qualities. This is great to store your straws in when you are out. But then, pack the dirty straws back into the bag to contain the mess, and just throw the bag in the wash/washing up when you get home. 

The average straw bag is approx 6cm x 26cm

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Please note: Our wet bags and pods cannot be advertised as waterproof. Sewing punctures the waterproof layer. All effort has been taken to make it as water resistant as possible. It is not designed to hold water, or to protect items inside the bag if it is submerged in water.  Please wring out very wet items in a towel (even better, wrap in the towel and place in the bag) before placing into the bag. Remove as soon as possible. Do not place wet bag alongside valuable items when in use.