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About The Wet Bag Co.

The Wet Bag Company was started in March 2020 by me, Keryn. At the time I was a cloth bum mum to my then 18m old son Albie. I thoroughly enjoyed using modern cloth nappies, but there was a shortage at the time, and it was super addictive to purchase their gorgeous patterns and designs in both nappies and wet bags.

I decided to get my hands on some fabric and started making some wet bags for myself. Shortly after, I was receiving a steady stream of orders using the amazing fabrics you can find here in Australia. I continue to make wet bags beyond my sons toilet training, as I find they are such a versatile item to have in general, especially as a family who enjoys spending time outdoors, in the water and away from home. They are also a great gift as it can be used over and over.


My passion to find amazing designs in other products to compliment the use of our wet bags allowed me to expand our range of products, and stock some awesome swimwear and accessories from Australian retailers. Our one stop shop for great kids products in funky, stand out designs continues to grow with your support. Thanks for shopping!


Keryn xx